Kanzlei Schneider & von Pronay

History of the Company

Following World War II, Hugo Schneider, the grandfather of the company’s current operator, a retired Bank Director, laid the groundwork for the Schneider Company.

In 1951, he passed the examination that qualified him to become a tax assistant and applied for a permit from the competent tax offices. Thanks to his experience as a bank director, he was thoroughly familiar with the local circumstances and business situation. That made him a competent contact person to assist clients with reconstruction after the war.

In 1958, Hugo Schneider’s son, Helmut Schneider, also passed the examination qualifying him to be a tax assistant. He then moved on to qualify as a tax consultant, tax adviser, and legal adviser. During the times of economic growth, the company grew, as well.

Due to the expansion, in the early 1970s the company moved from the private home to Hauptstrasse 119 in Idar-Oberstein. In the 1970s, a branch office was maintained for a few years at the German diamond and gem exchange (Deutsche Edelsteinbörse).
In this period, the office became increasingly internationally oriented, not least of all due to the steady influx of foreign businessmen who came looking for experienced consultants and found them in the Schneider Company.

In 1992/1993, Helmut Schneider’s son, Jürgen Helmut Schneider>, successfully passed the examination to become a tax advisor

Further expansion took place in 1994. Since then, the company has been located in Hauptstrasse 119 – 121 in Idar-Oberstein.

In 1997, an additional branch office was opened at 54497 Morbach. The consulting office saved the existing clients in the surrounding area lots of travel. The company thereby extended beyond the borders of the Birkenfeld district. Stepping beyond the district boundaries proved to be a correct and forward-looking decision. By now, customer relations have been established far beyond Hunsrück.

The positive development

in Morbach and the outlying areas, especially the Hahn Airport, justifies our hopes of further expansion of the company in the future.
Reliability, competent, trust, success and growth will therefore continue to be associated with the name of Steuerkanzlei Schneider in the future, just as in the past.

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