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Jürgen H. Schneider

Born in 1963

After graduating from high school in 1982 and completing his basic military service, he studied business administration with a focus on financial management and corporate tax management. In 1989, he graduated with an MBA (Diplom-Kaufmann).

That same year, Jürgen H. Schneider joined the company owned by his father Helmut Schneider. After his father died in an accident and he passed the examination to become a tax advisor in 1992/1993, Jürgen H. Schneider took charge of the firm in Idar-Oberstein.

Mr. Schneider was a lecturer at IHK Bildungszentrum Koblenz (training centre affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Koblenz) training Certified Business Economists IHK and regularly held a tax consultant consultation day at IHK Idar-Oberstein, tailored specifically to start-ups. He was a speaker at the Laser IPL & Light medical congresses in Trier in 2008, 2010 and 2014. In addition, he is a co-author of the reference book "Photoepilation" ISBN 3-7985-1403-8 (Contribution: Fundamentals of Business Administration).

Mr. Schneider has been an active member of the KIWANIS-Club Idar-Oberstein for 30 years. He is a supporting member of the Idar-Oberstein Junior Chamber (Wirtschaftsjunioren) and acted as a sponsor of the Junior Chamber National Conference held in Idar-Oberstein in 2014.

He has been running the Schneider & von Pronay GbR partnership together with Andrea von Pronay since 1 January 2019.

Andrea von Pronay

Born in 1977

Andrea von Pronay graduated from high school in Kirn in 1996. She then pursued a dual course of study at the internal university of applied sciences of the financial administration of Rhineland-Palatinate, successfully earning her degree in 1999 (Diplom-Finanzwirt, FH). After a short period of employment with the Bingen tax office, she was transferred to Oberfinanzdirektion Koblenz (regional tax office, now Landesamt für Steuern), where she worked in the department for central data processing of the tax authorities. There, Andrea von Pronay completed additional training as ADP organizer and programmer.

In 2002, Andrea von Pronay switched from financial administration to a tax consultancy and audit firm in Southern Germany and qualified as a chartered tax advisor in 2006. She was appointed tax advisor in April 2007.

Andrea von Pronay has been working at the Jürgen H. Schneider firm since 2012 and has been running the firm together with Jürgen H. Schneider since 1 January 2019.

In the years 2016 and 2017, Andrea von Pronay successfully passed the exams required to qualify as specialist consultant for controlling and finance (DStV e.V.) and specialist consultant for health care (DStV e.V.).

Fachberater Controlling

Andrea von Pronay is a supporting member of the Idar-Oberstein Junior Chamber (Wirtschaftsjunioren) and has given several lectures for the Junior Chamber on tax issues related to the setting up of a business as part of their events for startups.

Andrea von Pronay has been a member of the Idar-Oberstein Rotary Club since 2015.

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