Kanzlei Schneider & von Pronay


A solution-oriented approach to advising and auditing

Our tax consulting services are focused on tax structuring for businesses and individuals

Depending on the specific situation, a wide variety of challenges and degrees of complexity are involved. In order to make well-founded and professionally calculated tax structuring suggestions, it is necessary to analyse all the decision-making factors carefully, while taking into account the individual client’s business and financial policy objectives and personal instructions. We give priority to the person and his company. Securing your existence and timely planning of your retirement are just as important as the proper tax structure. You will plan all this with us as your professional partner and achieve your personal life goals with our assistance.

Our company naturally offers you professional advice in the fields of tax consulting, business management, and economic law. We can do more than that, however. Our areas of specialisation include organisational consulting, cross-border restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, business succession, and tax-optimised structures in both national and international settings.

Our business is based on providing high quality services for the benefit of our clients

Ensuring high quality continuously in our daily work is an indispensable element of our company’s principles. Yet, we do not wait for quality to develop by itself; instead we actively promote it by organising the related processes.

Regular advanced training and further education are indispensable for us. Our employees are trained throughout their careers, in many cases leading to additional professional qualifications among our staff. This ensures that you will always find a contact who is right for you at Kanzlei Jürgen H. Schneider; a contact who is qualified to meet your demands and who can explain even complicated matters in a clear, comprehensive manner.

Close customer relations

It is not just our two locations in Idar-Oberstein and Morbach that place us right at the heart of your trading area. We would also be pleased to visit you directly on site in your company. As a result, our advice does not come from a “bureaucratic ivory tower” but is focused on your individual situation.

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