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Business Start-up

You have a magnificent idea– we will guide you from the business concept to the start-up, to make your vision will become a reality!

For all problems that may arise during a business start-up, we have acquired the appropriate know-how and will provide you with professional assistance at every stage of the implementation of your idea. We have a tailor-made solution ready for companies of all sizes.

Complete start-up planning involves all areas of business. Particularly important is the choice of the legal form of your company, however. This decision involves not only tax issues but also questions of social security and commercial law. That is why we recommend you to take advantage of our professional advice in an early phase and work together with us to plan your road to having your own business in detail so your start-up will be crowned with success.

Our range of services:

  • checking the feasibility of your business concept
  • working with you to develop a concept
  • creating well-thought-out business plans
  • advice on the choice of legal form
  • roadmap to becoming a limited company
  • advice on start-up subsidies
  • advice on legal issues concerning social security
  • assistance with financing issues and negotiations with the bank

Business plans

When and why is a business plan useful?

A business plan is a key document for the evaluation and control of your future business activities. It is supposed to prove the capability of the founder(s) of the company to turn the business concept into a real company.

The business plan provides potential business partners, banks, and venture capital investors with a basis for deciding whether to cooperate with you and invest in your company.

The business plan has two parts:

The written formulation of the business concept includes:

  • a reference to the product, service, customer benefits, market size and description of the target customers, market entry and imitability, marketing, management and key positions, risks and opportunities, etc.
  • The financial part helps to give a clear overview of the cash flows to ensure that enough cash funding will be available to meet all the payment obligations in a timely manner. If for a while you fail to pay your debts consistently without disrupting your business processes, even the best profit prospects will not suffice to prevent insolvency.

Your cash planning should cover a period from three to five years. It is generally very difficult to make predictions beyond that timeframe, so such planning would not be very meaningful.

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With this QR-Code you can access this website directly – fast and easy

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