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Tax Consultancy

Tax consulting and fiscal advice

Many taxpayers feel overwhelmed by tax law, which is constantly changing and becoming more complex. We offer reliable and professional assistance. As your advisor on all tax matters, we will gladly provide you a solution to your individual tax problems besides taking care of your current accounting needs, payroll accounting, and preparation of the annual financial statements. Our services include acting as your representative with the tax authorities.

To keep you constantly informed on your tax situation, we will be happy to draw up budget accounts in which we will estimate your annual income and the resulting tax burden on the basis of your historical data. That will allow you to rectify your business policy in a timely manner in order to achieve optimal tax results.

Ongoing tax advice

  • Tax planning in order to reduce your taxes
  • Ongoing financial accounting and payroll accounting
  • Controlling reports
  • Preparation of the annual financial statements: balance sheets or income statements
  • Preparation of tax returns for businesses, juridical persons and individuals
  • Submitting tax applications, such as postponement of payment of tax liabilities, extension of the deadlines or reduction of advance estimated payments
  • Acting as your agent with the tax authorities: on an ongoing basis and with respect to special issues
  • Acting as your agent with the tax authorities and tax court proceedings
  • Ongoing information about changes in tax law

Special consultation

  • Planning of start-ups or changes in your company’s legal form, as well as liquidation
  • Start-ups and management of private foundations
  • Advice on inheritance and business succession issues
  • Other consultation and services
  • Business recovery advice
  • Implementation of internal audits
  • Advice on the optimal legal form from the standpoint of tax law
  • Tax planning and strategy development
  • Tax expertise activities
  • Advice and training for your accounting personnel
  • Advice related to computerised accounting
  • Guidance in bank negotiations
  • Customer events and presentations on current issues

Annual financial statements in compliance with the Commercial Code

We take the statutory provisions of business and tax law into account when preparing your annual financial statements. Due to increasingly strict tax legislation, the gap between tax law and commercial law is widening continuously. In many cases, it is necessary to prepare separate financial statements: one set of statements based on commercial law accounting principles and a different set based on tax law accounting principles.

More and more, financial statements are being prepared on the basis of optimisation decisions. On the one hand, companies wish to show that they are economically strong; on the other, they wish to reduce taxes by posting the lowest possible earnings. We will assist you with refined expertise and will be glad to talk with your company’s bank at your request. You will also benefit from our contacts and the reputation that we have built up over decades.

The annual financial statements we prepare include so-called “certifications”. Depending on the intensity of the credit commitment, banks often demand plausibility assessments as part of the preparation of the annual financial statements. These may range from “ordinary” certifications for annual financial statements prepared without auditing on to certifications that involve extensive auditing and are quite similar to statutory auditor reports in terms of quality.

Presentation of the financial statements

We prepare a clear presentation of your financial statements; at your request, we will also graphically illustrate and display them on video projectors.

Quick Overview:

Instead of lots of figures, the most important facts are prepared in graphic format and explained without technical jargon.

A picture paints a thousand words:

All analyses are prepared in graphic format and animated during the presentation.

A look into the future:

How can you improve your bank rating next year (or increase your earnings by EUR 20,000)? Find out using our opportunity calculator, a tool featured on our website.

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With this QR-Code you can access this website directly – fast and easy

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